Infographic: Security Mindsets To Adopt Today

In today’s world, the landscape of network security is constantly evolving. High profile security breaches and vulnerabilities (think Ashley Madison, Target, and Heartbleed) have prompted increased awareness of cybersecurity, spurring on the continued advancement of emerging technologies.

But even the creation of updated devices and highly technical tools hasn’t stopped new breaches from happening. The reality is that if a cybercriminal is determined to get into your network, steal data or disrupt performance, one tool isn’t going to stop them.

Hackers constantly evolve their methods, enabling them to find new vulnerabilities to exploit. For that reason, the tool that works today will likely be much less effective tomorrow. And beyond that, every network is different. What might make sense for one might not for another.

So is it a lost cause to effectively protect your network’s valuable information?

Network security isn’t just about devices or hardware. It’s about mindsets: the principles guiding your data center security decisions. Set your business apart by adopting lasting mindsets to keep your networks safe. Keeping up with current-day trends, you can stay ahead of the curve.

To help get you started, we outlined seven mindsets businesses should implement as guiding principles when designing and building a network’s architecture. By creating this in the form of an infographic, all the information is in easy-to-digest chunks, so you don’t have to waste time looking for the pertinent information. Check it out below!

Network Security Mindsets

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