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The first iteration of Sentinel Intrusion Prevention Systems – now Nomic Networks – began in Dallas, Texas, in 1995, at the dawn of the World Wide Web. Although we started as web developers, we soon shifted our focus to network security, driven by the belief that everyone—and every sized company—has the fundamental right to be secure on the Internet. Small businesses, state and local government entities, and companies with lean IT departments that simply didn’t have the security expertise or the time to put one more thing on their already overflowing plates.

We couldn’t find an integrated solution that checked all the boxes, so, we assembled a team of innovators and developed our own.


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There’s a Lot of Hype in This Industry.
We Prefer to Focus on Results.

What started as a small team’s passion project has grown substantially over the years. We’ve continued to expand our solutions’ functionality and features, and now support IT and network security teams around the world. Our customers range from Fortune 100 firms to government and municipal agencies, from financial institutions to a diverse mix of small and mid-sized businesses in almost every industry.

Our devices have deflected literally billions of threats, from ransomware and malware communications to targeted brute force and exploit attempts. For the record, that’s why we come to work every day. To make that kind of a difference.

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We’re not the only ones who are passionate about network security. Like us, our clients, IT pros, and other like-minded individuals are committed to making the Internet a safer place, and are willing to combine forces to do it.

Through Collective Intelligence Network Security (CINS), our CINS Army initiative is transforming the way organizations defend their networks. We pull together information from Outpost devices around the world, in conjunction with our Army of IT participants, to actively identify and deflect cyber threats.

By working in unison and sharing threat intelligence information, we all can protect that fundamental right to be Internet secure. While it is just one part of our solution, collective intelligence—driven by security professionals working in unison worldwide—enables us to use our combined insight to more quickly block malicious traffic and effectively strengthen networks around the world.

In short, we’re spreading the passion. Because, working together, we all benefit.

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