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A unique take on the industry’s most effective enterprise network security strategies, distilled down to a simple solution, and backed by security experts always there to support you.


Smart Managed Security

World-class network security and a team of experts at a reasonable monthly price—no contract required.
Your IT team can get back to their other projects. 

Take back your time

Built for lean IT teams

Chances are, your IT team is stretched thin enough already. The more time you spend on security, the less time you have for projects that actually drive revenue or add efficiencies to your operation.  Yet, you also know the impact one breach could have on your organization. So, how do you divide your time? Problem solved.

Real solutions, real people

Technology + Support

Our unique MNDR solution deflects inbound threats, identifies internal vulnerabilities and infected devices, and is actively monitored by autonomous systems, backed by real human beings 24/7. If there’s a problem, you get an alert. If there’s a network issue, we’re troubleshooting. If there’s a new threat brewing, we’re already on it.

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Set it and forget it

Easy to manage

Nomic’s tools help you easily separate the signal from the noise. And in the case of legitimate threats and actionable events, we’re there to assess the situation, offer our expertise, and point you in the right direction. That saves you time and lets you get back to work. Everybody wins. Except the cybercriminals.


Network Cloaking™

Making your network invisible to the bad guys.

simple but effective

A new take on threat defense.

Traditional network security monitoring tools spot malicious packets and send an alert. If they’re inline, they might drop a few malicious packets, but these bad actors remain free to scan your network, probing for additional attack vectors. Why give the bad guys a chance? We take a different approach with a proprietary methodology we call Network Cloaking.

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bulletproof security

No more cat and mouse.

Once we determine a network is malicious, we dynamically drop all traffic from that network. Instead of blocking a few packets, we drop all communication to and from malicious networks. Your network becomes completely invisible to the bad guys, as if you never existed at all.  You stay safe, and they move on to other targets. One less bad guy to worry about.

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The collective brain power to stay ahead of the latest threats.

CINS Threat Intelligence Gateway

It’s one thing to respond to security threats. But, if you can stay out in front of those threats before they come knocking at your network door, so much the better.

That’s the big idea behind Collective Intelligence Network Security, or CINS. This managed Threat Intelligence Gateway continuously gathers attack data from Outpost devices around the world, as well as reputable InfoSec sources. Then, our proprietary algorithm assigns a CINS “score” to each flagged IP, identifies its country of origin, method of attack, and how frequently it attempts to strike.

Based on the incoming data and specific score factors, the platform accurately identifies the specific IP addresses that pose the greatest threat.

Each Outpost worldwide is continuously updated with this new CINS threat intelligence and dynamically blocks this malicious traffic before it penetrates the edge. While this is not the only criteria we use to keep your network secure, this active threat intelligence, analyzed in real time, provides an extra layer of protection to Nomic customers that you’re not going to get anywhere else.

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