Managed security for lean IT teams.

Advanced threat protection and visibility, utilizing best-of-breed network detection and response tools, a Threat Intelligence Gateway, and a team of experts to back it up, 24/7.


Managed Network Detection & Response

Independent, SIEM-less defense and visibility tools backed by a 24/7 team of security pros

On the edge


  • Shield the network edge by disrupting attacker reconnaissance, blocking inbound exploitation attempts, and stopping outbound beaconing malware in its tracks.
  • Reduce the firewall’s workload by up to 70% and enhance visibility into exploits, scans, and other malicious traffic.
  • Identify weaknesses and misconfigurations on the firewall and external network.
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On the LAN


  • Detect phishing scams, beaconing malware and ransomware, and other malicious infections as they happen.
  • Locate problem devices quickly, and identify and monitor unique and interesting internal traffic.
  • Find outdated systems, identify network misconfigurations, and locate critical system vulnerabilities across the LAN.
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In your corner


  • Take advantage of our Managed Network Detection and Response team for support, troubleshooting, and research.
  • Receive alerts for critical security events and network issues in real-time, and get support 24/7.
  • Manage your devices, critical alerts, vulnerability scan results, and support through HQ.
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Autonomous Threat Defense

Hide the network from would-be attackers with Network Cloaking

Not your father’s IPS


Utilizing Outpost, we employ our CINS Threat Intelligence Gateway and an enterprise-grade Intrusion Prevention System, actively collecting and analyzing data from our worldwide network of Outpost devices, threat feeds from Spamhaus, and other reputable sources to identify emerging attack strategies.

What is CINS?

They can't hack what they can’t see


Our unique methodology for blocking malicious traffic at the perimeter effectively hides the network from the bad guys. We call it Network Cloaking™, and this autonomous protection is simply faster and more efficient than configuring a firewall to keep out the same threat; saving you time and saving valuable throughput on your network.

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Find the Open Doors Before They Become Points of Entry.

Vulnerability Assessment

Outdated software. Misconfigurations. Shadow IT. An unsecure wireless network. All points of entry for malware, ransomware and hackers. Yet, most companies don’t even know that they’re at risk.

Utilizing a suite of industry-leading Vulnerability Scanning tools, we scan your public network for vulnerabilities, identifying exposures, and providing suggested remediations for critical issues. Your network stays safer. Your risk is reduced. And your users won’t see an impact to performance.

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It’s Like Seeing Your System Through X-Ray Glasses.

Network Visibility

In network security, like human health, it’s what you don’t know that will get you.  One undetected infected device or unseen anomaly can put your company at risk for a full-scale attack.

Nomic Networks eliminates those blind spots, giving you complete, end-to-end visibility into your network, from assessing overall network health to pinpointing any devices infected by malware, spyware or other malicious software. If there’s a packet that doesn’t look like it belongs, Outpost will spot it and shut it down.

You’ll see your network in a whole new light — and your company will be more secure for it.

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