What Gets Measured Gets Done

This is our CINS Army Brief for May 2022, curating the most interesting cyber news from the past month. Learn more and subscribe here.

Let’s keep the ‘metrics’ theme from last month going, and don’t forget the soft skills. Geez, sounds like the Golden Vector again …

Our Take

NIST Cybersecurity Framework update comments highlight a gamut of needed changes
Our favorite suggestion here is ‘relevant cybersecurity metrics.’ It’d be really cool if NIST could lead the way in standardizing some measurements that would allow both vendors and users the ability to assess the success of these framework implementations. I mean, NIST is all about measurements, right?

Secrets to building a healthy CISO-vendor partnership
None of those fancy metrics mean a thing if you don’t have the trust of your vendors – or customers – depending what side of the fence you’re on.

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