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"There were plenty of high-end products,
but this one worked for us."

When I first started looking at Sentinel [now Nomic Networks], what stood out was the knowledge of the people. They weren't just selling me a box - they knew what they were talking about. They knew how to fit it in to my network, and make it as easy as possible.

Tim Dasch, CIO - Cooper & Scully

"Even when we didn’t have an IPS firewall behind it, we were confident in its performance. It’s affordable for smaller organizations, easy to use, and it works."

Sentinel [now Nomic Networks] is cleaning off thousands of events that the firewall now doesn’t have to deal with. If there’s a vulnerability in the firewall or an open port, it mitigates that scenario. So, only the relevant traffic flows through, which is definitely a benefit.

Scott Smith, CISO - City of Bryan, Texas

"It's rare to get such quick, personal support."

We've always received outstanding support from the Sentinel [now Nomic Networks] staff and, often times, they've gone above and beyond in troubleshooting issues with us. It's been very helpful when the Sentinel support team has provided us with the information we need to troubleshoot before we even ask for it. It's rare after opening a ticket to have it sit for more than 30-45 minutes without some sort of response.

IT Director - A Financial Services Company in Ohio

"Sleep at night once again."

The Outpost is a great device to protect your network from malware and mouse click-happy users. Customer service is great. It has saved my company a few times from ransomware and is saving the company money. Using the Outpost gives you a team of people keeping your network safe. I highly recommended this device on all your networks and have a good night's sleep.

IT Manager - A Financial Services Company in Texas

"Easy to manage."

I've been using Nomic Networks for years and have had several potential incidents mitigated by their products. Easy to manage and their technology prevents us internally from having to maintain updates, performing constant monitoring of inbound and outbound traffic and sifting through mountains of logs so my team can focus on the day-to-day needs of the business. I would recommend taking advantage of their free trial so you can see the technology for yourself. I was sold days after our evaluation units were in place and surprised at how cost effective this level of protection provides our business.

CIO - An Electric Cooperative in Virginia

"Truly great."

The Nomic Networks products are an invaluable addition to our layered security model. They provide a solid product with great value and amazing support. The fully managed system provides exceptional protection and minimal “noise” allowing us to focus resources on other layers. Nomic Networks has far exceeded not only our previous vendor, but our own expectations as well. We enjoy working with them and continue to be impressed with feature development and functionality.

Network Administrator - A Regional Bank in Michigan

"Set it and forget it."

We began using the Outpost a little over a year ago. It sits in front of an existing next-gen firewall/IPS appliance. The most impressive thing we noticed was all of the threats our existing device had been missing for years. There are very few false positives and any issues are remediated in minutes by their support team. In addition to the inbound protection, it will also alert on any internal devices reaching out to compromised hosts on the internet.

CIO - A County in Texas

"One of the best decisions we could have made."

We were looking for an IPS solution and looked at several vendors to do this both in house and as a managed service. We discovered that the staff time required to do this effectively was beyond our budget and that most other solutions were also not cost effective. We were introduced to the Outpost through a reseller over 5 years ago and decided to try the solution. It is very simple to deploy and support is excellent. This solution has only improved over the years and is very cost effective for what you get.

IT Director - A City in Texas