Do You Speak Sentinel? Why Sentinel Services Are Named A Little Differently

The Sentinel IPS approach to network security maximizes your resources and allows you to make the most efficient use of your team’s time and effort. After all, most of our customers do not have large departments devoted singularly to the tasks of securing complex arrays of digital infrastructure. This approach means that our core services are a little different than many companies with similar security objectives, and they are described differently as well. Our core services are listed below along with the ways in which they differ from most managed security providers.

Network Cloaking™:
We Refuse to be Polite to Potential Threats

Networks communicate automatically in order to make the experience seamless, but some protocols don’t serve us well in today’s threat environment. Even when a suspicious or malicious query is identified and blocked, most networks are configured to send a reset packet, a polite “no thank you.”

Imagine watching a stranger walking down your street, knocking on each door. When a door is opened, the stranger pulls out a gun and robs the neighbor. When the knock arrives at your door, you don’t shout, “I’m sorry, but I’m not opening the door for you!” Instead, you keep your mouth shut so they go away. Network Cloaking ensures that your network does not “give itself away” to invasive elements by blindly adhering to common protocols.

With Sentinel IPS’ Network Cloaking capabilities, the inquiry never receives a response, and the malicious network is completely shut out. As far as the threat actor is concerned, the network doesn’t even exist. This policy may seem unforgiving and drastic, but organizations protecting sensitive personal identification information (PII) cannot afford to confirm their digital presence for known threats.

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Hybrid MDR (Managed Detection and Response):
Not Only Human

MDR solutions are a popular and effective choice for monitoring and visibility of the network. That said, around-the-clock monitoring by human analysts tasked with detecting and reporting critical events comes with a price tag most smaller organizations simply can’t afford. Sentinel’s hybrid solution combines smart automated analysis and notifications with protective measures like Network Cloaking, and is augmented with 24/7 support by real analysts, ready to guide our customers through diagnosis of critical events, false positives, and troubleshooting in real-time.

This unique blend of competencies employs the latest technology to streamline protection and detection functions, and delivers the effectiveness of a traditional MDR service at a lower cost.

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Active Threat Intelligence:
Knowledge Without Action is Useless

Threat Intelligence is simply information, and information is only truly useful when it is applied in order to achieve an objective. Sentinel IPS is an active producer and consumer of threat intelligence, and in fact is the creator and administrator of, the gold standard for collective, aggregated threat intelligence. Using external and in-house proprietary sources, a master “no-fly list” is created and updated hourly, identifying IP addresses that have exhibited malicious behaviors or match “personalities” that act like digital fingerprints and raise red flags for a variety of possible offenses.

Our threat intelligence is improved via analysis and continuous data scoring, but it’s still inert until it’s put to use. CINS Active Threat Intelligence is when this incredibly valuable data is applied at the device level within your network, blocking bad traffic using Network Cloaking. It is the outcome of proactive use of an accurate list of malicious actors.

Many threat intelligence sources use information in a different way, essentially “building cases” against bad IP addresses in order to issue alerts. To us, this seems like a bank security guard emailing the bank president to inform them that someone is breaking in to the vault. Our Active Threat Intelligence allows you to skip ahead to outcomes, actively and automatically blocking ill-intentioned traffic.

Sentinel Active Threat Protection makes use of on-device protection such as the Sentinel Outpost and is powered by the CINS Threat Intelligence Gateway. Our approach to putting threat intelligence to use acknowledges that information about a threat is useless without taking active steps to neutralize that threat.

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Speaking Differently. Acting Differently.

Sentinel IPS describes its core services in a slightly different way than many similar network security providers because it reflects our philosophy that only active threat protection can combat active threats. To see our philosophy at work for your organization, request a free trial. We’re confident you’ll find that our actions speak louder than our words.

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