It’s All About The Attire

Protect Your Network with Sentinel IPSTHE NECKTIE ANALOGY

When is a necktie requirement more like a network security noose? Read on to find out how the best ruleset intentions can go awry and how Sentinel IPS protects your network.


Let’s say you own a night club (the network.) And, you want to attract a classy clientele, so you only allow people with neckties to enter. To enforce your dress code rule, you hire a bouncer (the IPS) to keep people out who do not meet your sartorial standards (they are the “bad guys.”)

THE PROBLEM Ruleset #1: You must have a necktie to enter the club. Bad guy: Holding a tie –> allowed in. Ruleset #2: You must be wearing a necktie. Bad guy: Wearing necktie around head –> allowed in. Ruleset #3: You must be wearing a tie around your neck. Bad guy: Tie around neck, under shirt –> allowed in. Ruleset #4: You must be wearing a tie under the shirt collar, above the shirt. Bad guy: Wearing nothing other than a shirt collar with a tie –> allowed in. RESPONSES

Night Club Owner: I’m not making enough money to micro-manage the bouncer. Just do your job. Do not let anyone in the club that’s not in a suit. Period!

Bad guy: Sweet. He made you, the owner, overreact and now the only way a female patron can get into your club is to don a suit. The result? You’ve got 300 females wearing dresses mingling outside in the club’s parking lot while their dates are getting rowdy inside the club. We find that ironic.

SOME TIME LATER, NEW RULES Ruleset revision # 359: Rule #1 All clothing must be worn as shown on the diagram: *very specific diagram follows.* Rule #2 Males must have shirt, tie, pants, jacket – all with appropriate color and combination. All clothing must fit. . .. … .. .

Rule #??: See rules 502-632 for allowable dress length, 644-689 for what constitutes a dress…You get the point.

Bad guy: Way cool. The owner doesn’t have any rules about preventing non-humans from entering the club, so long as they’re dressed appropriately. Wonder what a monkey dressed in tuxedo attire would do in the club surrounded by well-dressed patrons?


That’s why you need us – to keep up with all the shenanigans going on outside your network and to prevent the hooligans from busting in, getting drunk and wreaking havoc with your clientele.

You go run your night club. We’ve got this covered.

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