Sentinel Ips Launches Cins Army New Initiative

Sentinel IPS Launches CINS Army New InitiativeFOR RELEASE

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Sentinel IPS Launches CINS Army New Initiative

Using specific and actionable data to strengthen collective IT network security

DALLAS – Dec. 13, 2016 – Sentinel IPS, a long-time sponsor of the Collective Intelligence Network Security (CINS) Army, announces a new initiative to foster intelligence gathering and data sharing among security providers for better IT network protection.

“Every day our Sentinel IPS devices detect more than a million unique events, and hundreds of thousands of these attacks are stopped on the edge of the network using our CINS Active Threat Intelligence,” said David Lissberger, CINS Army founder and Sentinel IPS chief executive officer. “Sponsoring CINS Army is the first step in giving back to the InfoSec community to help strengthen our collective network security, which protects us all.”

One benefit of CINS Army is free threat intelligence on thousands of malicious IP addresses the company derives from its Sentinel IPS devices and combined with other reputable security sources. The result: Improved network security on the edge of the network and better context for incident response.

After registering on the CINS Army website, the company provides a link and unique token used to download its threat intelligence. The information is provided in several formats, including STIX, Snort rules and Suricata rules, and a simple text file.

Go to CINS Army.com to learn more.

About Sentinel IPS

Based in Dallas, Texas, Sentinel IPS began as EcoNet.com, a web development founded at the dawn of the World Wide Web in 1995. By the early 2000s, the company became a successful network security product reseller and began to develop its own first intrusion prevention system.

Since 2004, the company continues to expand its product functionality and reach installing Sentinel IPS devices around the world. Its customers include Fortune 100 firms, government and municipal agencies, financial institutions and small businesses. To find out more, go to the  Sentinel IPS website.

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