April Showers ...

This is our CINS Army Brief for March 2022, curating the most interesting cyber news from the past month. Learn more and subscribe here.

When it rains, it pours. Ukraine is having a ripple effect across the entire cybersecurity landscape. Here are a few recent articles to get you up to speed, and how to improve your current posture.

Our Take

NSA report: This is how you should be securing your network
Interesting that right out of the gate, the NSA thought they needed to address “Zero Trust” … Sounds to us like they’re aware that the term is getting used and abused across the industry, and they want everyone to know that Zero Trust is a thing, but it isn’t owned by any single organization.

Small Businesses Are More Frequent Targets Of Cyberattacks Than Larger Companies: New Report
True, of course, but the ‘fix’ is harder than just, “Hey small businesses, do better!” A focus on quick, inexpensive wins (enforcing MFA where possible, for example) would help.

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